Dementia Diagnosis: Why It’s Important, What to Expect

Many families are hesitant to have their loved ones diagnosed when there are memory or other cognitive impairments. There may be a variety of reasons for their reluctance:

  • It might be hard to get the person to the doctor
  • They could be fearful of knowing the diagnosis
  • They are unsure if the behaviors are simply part of normal aging

Nonetheless, there is value in undergoing a high-quality diagnostic process.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How a dementia diagnosis can make a positive difference
  • How a dementia diagnosis can prevent harm
  • The wrong way to diagnose dementia

There is still a lot of good living possible for people despite cognitive impairment. Obtaining a clear diagnosis early on allows for better decisions and a higher quality of life. With the right care, an early diagnosis can help loved ones and their families continue to lead meaningful lives.